Cognitive Performance Testing - Highly Sensitive to Changes

It seems that more people are getting actively involved in changing their cognitive health whether it be to increase peak performance, improved relaxation methods, or to help combat the effects of age or illness related cognitive declines, for this we created the
Cognitive Performance Batteries.
After establishing a baseline, Your Clients can test and re-test themselves to determine if the therapies they are useing are working and how well, or if they need to persue other modalities to help achieve the results they seek. By finding out which programs work and which ones are better, you can then maximize their efforts and investments in both time and cost.

Real efficiency in peak performance testing means real savings in training time, efforts and costs.

Some popular peak performance programs are entertaining to be sure, but not a truly demanding workout like what is necessary to see real changes. It's sort of like playing ping-pong, its fun and engaging but not very demanding as an exercise. You certainly develop some skills like eye-hand coordination, but really you only get better at ping-pong and those skills just arent as useful in other aspects of your life. Just like basic strength, endurance and fitness training can benefit you in almost any physical endeavor (including ping pong), so can peak performance training that improves memory/recall, concentration, processing speed and sequencing/shifting(decision making). These exercises may be less entertaining, but much more important to the overall goal of brain fitness. This is very much like the process for physical training, you guage the effectiveness of your workout by how much you can now lift, or how far you can run, or throw a ball, etc... Professional and amateur athletes will never tell you they got where they are by luck or giftedness. The fact is they all train very hard to improve their "talents", and the beauty part is, anyone can improve, physically and mentally, directly related to the investment in effort given to peak performance exercise.

About Cognitive Training and Testing

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